College of Public Health


Technical Reports

Poster Presentations

Rong Lu, Ryan M. Smith, Michal Seweryn, Audrey C. Papp, Amy Webb, Wolfgang Sadee and Grzegorz A. Rempala,
Signal Decomposition of Allelic Expression RNA-Seq Data Using Skellam Mixture Model, at OSU Biostatistics Symposium, April 10, 2014

Michal Seweryn, Samuel K. Handleman, Katherine Hartmann, Grzegorz Rempala and Wolfgang Sadee,
Whole Transcriptome Framework to Identify Human Genetic Variants Relevant to Health and Disease, at MBI Institutional Partners Meeting, Feb 2,2014

Michal Seweryn and Grzegorz Rempala,
Diversity and Overlap Analysis in TCR populations, at MBI Institutional Partners Meeting, Feb 3,2013

Joshua Greene, Leszek Ignatowicz, and Grzegorz Rempala,
Mixture Models for Analyzing Antigen Receptor Data, at Graduate Research Day, March 24,2011

Jaejik Kim and Grzegorz Rempala,
ODE Models for Parotid Dedifferentiation, at GA Biosummit, Nov 1,2010

Anilkumar Devarapu and Grzegorz Rempala,
Stochastics Simulations of Reaction-Diffussion Models, at SAMSI, Dec 3-5,2009

Iwona Pawlikowska and Grzegorz Rempala,
Langmuir Adsorption-Desorption Model on Affymetrix Microarrays, at SAMSI Dec 3-5, 2009